The Mich Family

Francesco e Loredana, hoteliers since generations, began this new adventure in 1998 in the beautiful Stava Valley.
The Berghotel Miramonti is an ideal place for a holiday based on sport and relax.


Every member of the Mich family collaborate to make this small hotel a familiar and friendly place. We cannot wait to welcome you, so that we can know better each other.

FRANCESCO: Alpine Guide and Alpine Ski instructor, passionate of Cross-Country Skiing and the mountains sport.

LOREDANA: Nordic Walking instructor e passionate of the mountains.

VANESSA: Receptionist and mother of two beautiful children.

RICCARDO: Bartender, Cross-Country Skiing athlete and instructor.

STEFANO: Software Engineer, Cross-Country Skiing athlete and instructor, guide for hikes and passionate of the mountain sports.

DANIELE: Bartender and goalkeeper in the local team.
Would you like a great cocktail? Daniele will prepare it for you!