Baby Club

A holiday full of emotions … Their first time skiing, getting closer to a deer and discovering the whistle of a marmot

A gift that your children will always keep it in the heart!


Here you can have fun all together, even with small things.

IN WINTER: Wide ski or wide skiing? Sledge or ski bike? Skating or a simple snowman?

IN SUMMER: Take it to hike with you! You wonder how small things, almost discounted, can surprise their senses! We listen to their emotions while caressing a sheep, approaching a deer, brushing a pony, missing a goat, and wearing aprons from peasants to prepare honey, bread, butter or picking small fruits. We hear them laughing as they launch with a lion from one spat to the other or slip on the meadows with inflatables and sleds. And their amazement is enchanting when they meet the goblins, gnomes and fairies that look out of the paths to tell a story.

A generous and welcoming nature invites them to move freely. Exciting them.

IN THE HOTEL: Our swimming pools are accessible, without restriction to your children, as well as the Turkish bath on the same floor. Outside a green space where you can play and slip on our wooden chest, a large spring rug in the summer will make you enjoy jumping and just 20 meters along a pedestrian street you will enjoy a nice paragliding.

Last but not least our games room for adults and children: table football, ping-pong, pinball, billiards, balls, cargo and many colors …